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Singing the praises of Studio Kim's singing instruction 

"Kim is that rarest of combinations, a subject master and a fearless teacher.  Professional singers and performers, no less than beginners, find themselves inspired by her personal and artistic courage. And then she is a blisteringly hot performer as well. In the two years that I have studied with her, she has added four or five tones to my range, and allowed me for the first time to see the potential in my voice.  Singing, once a salve for life's hurts, is now a way of being.  Kim knows her stuff, and approaches all her students with the same combination of empathy, professionalism and support, whether they be professional vocalists, experienced amateurs, such as I, or children and adults just essaying their first voices."

 Tom Bergbusch


"Kim's love of and enthusiasm for music and singing in particular is contagious. She is a skilled teacher who tailors the lessons to each individual student's needs and abilities. Through her guidance and encouragement, I have gained skills I didn't know I had, and much needed self-confidence. Even better, her lessons are fun!"

Alice Johnston Neuman




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"When I began singing lessons with Kim Kaskiw I was nervous and very unsure of myself, but I knew I wanted to sing and I wanted to perform. Kim is a wonderful teacher, providing me with the technique I needed plus the benefit of her experience. She also provided me with opportunities to perform in public, and coached and encouraged me every step of the way. Thanks to her, I finally got to fulfill my dream of performing in venues all over the city. Kim truly helped me 'find my voice.'"

Ann Strangelove


"Kim Kaskiw is a great vocal teacher. She helped me enormously when I was first starting out. She was really good at troubleshooting and pointing out where in my body I was holding tension or not using my instrument effectively. I have recommended her to several of my musical colleagues and would again. Kim also has been my hairdresser and makeup artist for several important gigs. I always feel like a million bucks when I leave her place. She's awesome!"

Chris Maclean
Multi-award winning professional singer-songwriter